TMSC International® Management & Leadership: Ethiopia: Is The Prime Minister’s “Work Progressing?”

Title emdorsed in part by Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting by Tres Mali Scott

The reports on Prime Minister Meles Zenawi’s comment that “human rights are a work in progress”, the removal of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch, as well as the Republican-controlled House of Representatives decision not to support limited assistance to Ethiopia, leads me to say that the United States Government should limit Ethiopia’s input into US Affairs until their “Human Rights” record improves.

The Prime Misinster Meles Zenawi has commented on improving the offenses. The United States of America State Department has noted Ethiopia’s offenses. The rebels that are attacking the oil cargoes, cause a concern. Some of the offenses are as a result of these “rebel forces”. What is the world standard? And how close is Ethiopia to meeting this standard?

The removal of Amnesty International and Human Rights Watch will make it difficult to note improvements. Prime Minister Meles Zenawi will have a problem proving that the “work in progress” is really progressing. A jailed known Islamic Militant Terrorist reported that the Ethiopian Prison was nice. How does a terrorist live and what types of jail systems has he been in. Other countries are known for human rights offenses and are not working to improve the conditions.

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