TMSC International® Management & Leadership: How To Find Success In Corporate America

In corporate America individuals find success many different ways. Success is measured by the goals each individual sets. The environment we interact with may not be controllable, the real question is, “What can we control?”

Success is perceived by values. There are three views of perception:

  1. What we perceive
  2. What think others perceive
  3. What others really perceive

Literally perception is the forming of mental representations of the objects that give rise to sensory experiences.

Corporate America values:

  1. Education
  2. Training
  3. Employment
  4. Ownership
  5. Organizations
  6. Professional Associations and
  7. Developing Relationship

1. Education is standard internationally. High School, College and University, Graduate School, and Professional Schools (Doctor/Lawyer) are valued to measure success in Corporate America.

2. Training can include vocational training and company offered training. Not all employee training is required. Many companies have management training programs. continuing education is also valued for success, up to date information in your field profession, or organization helps to set you ahead of the competition.

3. Employment history is also a measure of success in Corporate America. I have been in vocational training education, college and university, and  educational training for over 13 years. Resume building is one of the “Keys” to success. A resume may also be used to monitor your progress, honors, and awards. Once I stopped my career to study to become a missionary. I was also working on my Doctorate, one day I looked at my resume and saw I had not received an award in 3 years. I said to myself, “Self, what have you done to get an award?” I started writing poetry and am now an International Best Poems and Poets of 2007 award winner. I received several other awards in poetry for years before that. A Resume is a good way to monitor your own progress.

4. Ownership is also valued for a measure of success in corporate America. Businesses, companies, houses, cars, cell phones, property, computers, and friends (HA! HA!).

5. Organizations are a measure of success in Corporate America. Many organizations have standard requirements for membership. This may also be a “Key” to success. When enrolled in field, profession, or vocational training programs, many times individuals can join organizations that would otherwise take years to qualify for. These organizations have professionals at the top of the fields and may offer mentoring opportunities.

6. Professional associations also are a measure of success in Corporate America. A professional association is specific to a field, profession, or vocation and require proof of education and training. Professional associations also offer mentoring opportunities.

7. Developing relationships, for a full article go to: Maintaining Relationships

In conclusion, education, training, employment, ownership, organizations, professional associations, and developing relationships are “Keys” to success in Corporate America.

TMSC International® Management & Leadership: Personifcations of Self

We use names to decribe behaviors. For example:

  1. Formal Names for Work: Mr., Mrs., Ms.
  2. Informal Name for social: First name, nick names.

We use titles to describe behaviors. For example:

  1. At work: Boss, Supervisor, line staff
  2. Family and Friends: Peer, Aunt-uncle…, organization members.

The names and titles trigger individuals to behave in a manner that is defined by a role we have.

Each of these names and titles have sets/sects of behaviors that we place with them.

Confucius the philosopher talks about roles and how they impact life, behaviors, and relationship.