One thought on “TMSC International® Management & Leadership: Goals and Wishes

  1. Wishes are what Disney Movies are made of…

    It all works great in a Disney Movie. And sometimes it even happens in real life; the great law of averages sees to that, but it is not the way you are going to succeed in life. Here is a little mission for you. Go out and ask the first twenty people you know “What they want most in life?” Nineteen of them will not even know what to say to you. But, press them a bit and from their mouths will come things like money, security, happiness, fame and fortune. Perhaps they want to be a writer or an actor, a great sports figure and even the next American Idol, but guaranteed none of them will be able to define what the terms happiness, or fame or even fortune mean. And worse none of them will have a plan with which they have hoped to attain these “wishes.” Success does not respond to a wish.

    Success only responds to planning, backed up by strong emotional desires and consistent persistence in the attainment of your goal!


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