TMSC International® Management & Leadership: What changes are occurring to America’a Great Lakes, what is causing the changes and why does it matter?

The title endorsed in part by: 1H2O by Tres Mali Scott Pulitzer Center Citizen Journalist 2nd Place Award Winner

j0262422 The Great Lakes include the United States of America and Canada. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, the five Great Lakes are:

  • Superior,
  • Michigan,
  • Huron,
  • Erie, and
  • Ontario.

The Union of Concerned Scientists also state that there are 12 cities that lie along the rim of the Great Lakes:

  1. Buffalo
  2. Chicago
  3. Cleveland
  4. Detroit
  5. Duluth
  6. Erie
  7. Gary
  8. Hamilton
  9. Milwaukee
  10. Toledo
  11. Toronto
  12. Windsor

Great Lakes Regional Assessment (GLRA) discusses how the ecosystem and natural resources could change. This includes:

  • agriculture,
  • climate,
  • land ecology,
  • water resources,
  • water ecology, and
  • quality of life.

If the Great Lake water levels lower, it would impact shipping and recreational boating. Global warming lessens the snow fall and could also lower water levels. The changes in the lakes temperatures alter the food we make-up of lake algae, which is a major source of food for fish.

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