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Management Values are:
What People think is most important to do!

Value Based Management is an approach to management that funs a corporation on values, normally maximizing shareholder value.

Does your management team share the same organizational and management values?

Earned Value Management (EVM), also called Project Management uses:
*Measuring project performance and
*Progress in a objective manner.

What managers and organizations value is important to success!
Tres Mali

Help Keep Company Insurance Cost Down! Tres Mali a Breast Cancer Survivor: A Black-American Experience!® on Angels Do Speak!®: TMSC International® Management & Leadership

Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon on TMSC International® Management & Leadership

—Some live in the Past!
Some live in the hopes of a Future!
Living in the Present is a Gift!
Tres Mali 12/11/2008 A Black-American Experience!® & Angels Do Speak!®
At 9:30 pm.m on 5/16/2012 I had a vision of what looks like women concerned about Breast Cancer. In the Late 1980s, I personally had a lump removed from my left Breast. I wear a Fuchsia Bow Ribbon on my purse. It Reminds me that I have overcome a terrifying experience. A Pink Ribbon is Breast Cancer Awareness. A Fuchsia Bow Ribbon is my Breast Cancer Survival. With early detection and immediate responseyou can have a better opportunity to survive Breast Cancer. Tres Mali
Breast Cancer Awareness Ribbon on Angels Do Speak!®

Help keep your company’s insurance cost down. Prevention, early detection and immediate treatments reduce medical cost. Health education and fairs inform employees of symptoms, vacations and sick days allow rest for a healthier employee.

Happy St. Patrick’s Day from TMSC International® Management & Leadership: Holidays-Excellent Employee Relations

Remember, the holidays are an Excellent way to improve Management-Employee Relations!!!!!

TMSC International® Management & Leadership: Celebrate History–Black History Month!

History Celebrations are an excellent way to improve employee relationships. TMSC International® Management & Leadership: Celebrate History--Black History

History celebrations are an outstanding way to improve management-employee communication!

TMSC International® Management & Leadership: Your Company Can Promote Good Health

Tres Mali Scott

In the race to be promoted, traditionally it was thought that the person who: works through break, stays a little late, and does not vacation very often— IS THE BEST EMPLOYEE! Company rules, State & Federal Laws, and Unions practices are drafted to keep employees healthy in mind and body. You can not be THE BEST EMPLOYEE if you are “DEAD”.

Again, remember to follow company rules, State & Federal Laws, and Union practices.

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