TMSC International® Management & Leadership: College Intern Student Company Recruitment

A survey was taken at a Greater Los Angeles Area Community College Intern Student Recruitment Fair in 2007. A Summary of the Results showed that:

  1. 44% of the students were 19 years old.
  2. 44% of the students income falls between $10,000-$40,000 annual Family income.
  3. 66% of the students come from the Greater Los Angeles Area
  4. 22% Psychology and Computer Science Majors
  5. 33% want to get experience in major area of study

A Question that comes from this research is:

Are community college students required to have internships?


  • Students are placed in Intern Work experience that is Major related.
  • Students are placed in Intern Work experience location close to educational institution.
  • Students are placed in Training Programs that are work experience appropriate and age appropriate.