TMSC International® Management & Leadership: Employee Training and Mild Autism: Fair and Equal Hiring Practices

Autism Awareness Ribbon (Puzzle Ribbon) on TMSC International® Management & Leadership

Most individuals have heard of Autism in the serve form. It is diagnosed and treated by Medical professionals. Many are not familiar with milder forms of Autism that are undiagnosed and untreated. Autism is the inability to read social ques, a form of perception.

Perception is forming mental representations of the objects that give rise to sensory experiences.

Intuition is the quick perception of truth without conscious attention or reasoning, that is, known intuitively, truth obtained by internal apprehension without the aid of perception or the reasoning powers.

Each vocation, profession, or field has a set/sect of skills, knowledge, and wisdom required for success. This is a form of intuition. When individuals are in training, no matter what vocation, profession, or field, there is a large amount of information to cover in a specific amount of time. If the employee does  not master this information, most companies give a six month time frame to release individuals from employment.

Even those with high levels of intuition can look mildly autistic when working to keep employment and move up. Great Tip for Employer Trainers: “The Hitler Concept”:

  • Know your training materials
  • Make it short
  • and repeat the information every training session (review)

The Counseling Manager that hired me into the counseling and leadership training fields used this type of concept when training. I learned quickly and became one of the main trainers for line staff and Managers. I don’t think Mrs. Bobbie Traylor would agree with the name I gave the concept, “The Hitler”, an old saying is “God turns the worst evil into good”.

Tres Mali


TMSC International® Management & Leadership: Prayer For Earth

TMSC Consulting Services, LLC Management & Leadership Divison

God please grant us the grace of Super-Human Dominions with the ability to hold Earth in Orbit, keep Super Nova radiation away from Earth and maintain our ozone. Super-Human Strength to combat global warming. Super-Human Light to educate Humanity, Mankind, Male and Female, and He and She to not destroy our gift from God. Super-Human Principalities to direct the commands of God. Amen

At the time of writing this prayer, the United States of America is at war, and is the only country to drop a nuclear war head, I am concerned because it caused the Earth to move a little off orbit. Russia is now many small countries, India now has nuclear capability, and five nuclear war heads are alerted

We have effected the Earth with radiation damage and a recent Super Nova shower has caused radiation in space. God has Grace and Protection, The Holy Spirit gives some Gifts of Mighty Deeds. God gives us courage to “act”. Miracles are what God does. Mighty Deeds are what we do.

May these prayers, words, decrees, and statements be loosed on Earth!

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