TMSC International® Management & Leadership: An Israeli Scholar on The Renewal of Zionism: Professor Micah Goodman

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Vol. 24 No. 48 January 22-24, 2010 issue has an article about Professor Micah Goodman. This professor was hosted by the Israeli Consulate to discuss the idea of Zionism.

Professor Goodman states there are two original strands of Zionism:

  1. Zionism of Peace-a view that Israel is a safe haven for Jews. Theodore Herzl-The joining of “The Brotherhood of Nations”.
  2. Zionism of Land-Rav Kook, the return to the mystical land of our forefathers. Not fighting negative, but celebrating positive.

The problem is that “The Brotherhood of Nations” as Theodore Herzl calls it has At this point in time in “History”, Israel looks like an example of violence. Zionism is under attack because of the lack of Borders and the examples of violence and persecution by what the world calls “The People of God”.

We can be “People of God”, even “Children of God”, but we must also consult God in our decision making. Talking to God is what makes our relationship to and with “Him”.

, like the other members of what Theodore Herzl calls, “The Brotherhood of Nations”.

TMSC International® Management & Leadership: From Community Links Magazine: 18 The Fake Enemy

The Southern California Community Links Magazine’s January 1- January 15, 2010 Vol. 5 Issue 146 page 4 has a great quote from Rabbi Yanki Tauber (Jewish):

True achievement is possible only under conditions of absolute freedom. A person must be in full control of his or her life, free of any constraints and hindrances. But being “in control” breed complacency and spiritual laziness; only when challenged and oppressed, only when compelled to resist and battle “overpowering” circumstances, does the human being rise to and actualize his or her true potential.

Rabbi Yanki Tauber

A response to number 18 The Fake Enemy from Americanj0200547 Theorist Tres Mali Scott:

I believe when the free and in control learn about the past and the struggles others endured they may also rise as a human being and actualize to his or her true potential. That is why reading was denied the United States of America Slaves.

Tres Mali

TMSC International® Management & Leadership: What Does the Word Nigger Mean?

j0402670 When I was growing up, the Webster’s Dictionary said that nigger means:

An ignorant person and a derogatory term used towards Blacks and Africans from slavery.

During slavery, Blacks and Africans were denied the ability to read, which literally is ignorance.

Tres Mali