TMSC International World Management & Leadership: TMSC’s International Training Key Components

International World Management & Leadership

This topic is endorsed by TMSC Consulting SVCS, LLC Management & Leadership by Tres Mali Scott, M.Ed., M.S., Ph.D. (ABD), American Theorist.

How can the U.S. train other countries to self-regulate without them, then attempting hostility toward the U.S.?  Bitting the hand that feeds them. ®TMSC’s International Training Key Components for international training of socio-economic and international decision-making to limit supervision or another country or assist in developing independence are:

  1. Diplomatic communication skills.
  2. Identifing real problems, issues, or crisis.
  3. Developing realistic solutions, plans, & interventions to limit supervision or develop and maintain independence.

TMSC International® Management & Leadership: Authentic Leadership: Maintaining Followers


To maintain followers Authentic Leaders:

  1. Relate to others and others relate to them!
  2. Others have common ground with Authentic Leaders!
  3. Play roles that express the true Authentic self!
  4. Present the faces of self. For example, do you present yourself the same at work as you do on a vacation trip?


Authentic Leader’s Maintenance

TMSC International® Management & Leadership: Authentic Leadership: The Self Attributes

The Self Attributes of Authentic Leaders:

  1. Self-knowledge!
  2. Self-aware!
  3. Self-exploration!
  4. Self-expression!
  5. Self-beliefs!
  6. Self-convictions!
  7. Self-devotion!
  8. Self-discipline!
  9. Self-development plan!
  10. Self-responsibility!
  11. Self-disclosure!
  12. Life experiences!
  13. Repertoire of roles!
  14. Complexity!

Authentic Selves!!!!!

TMSC International® Management & Leadership: Finding Authentic Leaders

Authentic Leaders have:

  1. Passion!
  2. Purpose!
  3. Practice!
  4. Relationships!
  5. Self-discipline!
  6. Results!


Authentic Leadership

TMSC International® Management & Leadership: Authentic Leaders Developing Self

To develop into an Authentic Leader:

  1. Realize personal potential!
  2. Overcome failures!
  3. Share triumphs!
  4. Test yourself through real world experiences!
  5. Have commitment to developing yourself!
  6. Devotion to yourself!
  7. Have a self development plan!
  8. Have self responsibility!
  9. Practice your values and principles!
  10. Balance motivation!
  11. Have tangible goals!


Authentic Leaders Developing Self

TMSC International® Management & Leadership: Crisis Reporting & World Affairs from Tres Mali Scott: The Pulitzer Center Through, The Writings of African-Americans, Wikipedia, Angels Do Speak!, & A Black-American Experience

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