TMSC International® Management & Leadership: What changes are occurring to America’a Great Lakes, what is causing the changes and why does it matter?

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j0262422 The Great Lakes include the United States of America and Canada. According to the Union of Concerned Scientists, the five Great Lakes are:

  • Superior,
  • Michigan,
  • Huron,
  • Erie, and
  • Ontario.

The Union of Concerned Scientists also state that there are 12 cities that lie along the rim of the Great Lakes:

  1. Buffalo
  2. Chicago
  3. Cleveland
  4. Detroit
  5. Duluth
  6. Erie
  7. Gary
  8. Hamilton
  9. Milwaukee
  10. Toledo
  11. Toronto
  12. Windsor

Great Lakes Regional Assessment (GLRA) discusses how the ecosystem and natural resources could change. This includes:

  • agriculture,
  • climate,
  • land ecology,
  • water resources,
  • water ecology, and
  • quality of life.

If the Great Lake water levels lower, it would impact shipping and recreational boating. Global warming lessens the snow fall and could also lower water levels. The changes in the lakes temperatures alter the food we make-up of lake algae, which is a major source of food for fish.

TMSC International® Management & Leadership: Finding Internships

How to get a job has changed. In a Business seminar, it was predicted that individuals would change jobs/careers eight (8) times in a lifetime. I guess if you read Who’s Who, this is  not a new trend. My first career job after college wanted me to have two years of experience. I had to take a position that requires a High School Diploma to get the experience.

How can someone do a better job at starting a career than I did. I figured it out. I was required to do one internship for graduation. This experience was counted toward my experience for employment.

What if, instead of having fun during the Summer School Session, I did an Internship Each Year?

As a manager, I recruited Intern students. Many people don’t like internships because they don’t really pay. But because you are in some type of College/University program, you can get a position that gives you experience you would not qualify for.

Be Better than me! Participate in as many Internships as you can, Start your career in a higher “Position”.

Ms. Tres Mali Scott, M.Ed., M.S., ABD CEO TMSC Consulting Services, LLC

Consulting, Publishing, Research, Retail Divisions

Post Script (PS)

Look up the companies you are interested in. Company values can have an impact on your career. Some companies hire the intern-students. Some companies like to hire from within more than others. Some companies pay for education once hired. Some companies do not encourage employees to attend school. Company values are important to your future. Others know about companies and judge character, even if the judgement may be incorrect.


TMSC International® Management & Leadership: How Can I Pick A Manager?

Within organizations it is important to promote, it reduces turnover, improves employee attitudes, and reduces training cost. The following are important assessment points for locating  “Leadership Potential”:

  1. View of Leadership
  2. Ability to Create Followers
  3. Propensity to take risks
  4. Perseverance and demonstrated achievements
  5. Future Career and Life Objectives

The assessment of these five (5) points for potential Management Trainees increases success of future Managers.

TMSC International® Management & Leadership: Prayer For Earth

TMSC Consulting Services, LLC Management & Leadership Divison

God please grant us the grace of Super-Human Dominions with the ability to hold Earth in Orbit, keep Super Nova radiation away from Earth and maintain our ozone. Super-Human Strength to combat global warming. Super-Human Light to educate Humanity, Mankind, Male and Female, and He and She to not destroy our gift from God. Super-Human Principalities to direct the commands of God. Amen

At the time of writing this prayer, the United States of America is at war, and is the only country to drop a nuclear war head, I am concerned because it caused the Earth to move a little off orbit. Russia is now many small countries, India now has nuclear capability, and five nuclear war heads are alerted

We have effected the Earth with radiation damage and a recent Super Nova shower has caused radiation in space. God has Grace and Protection, The Holy Spirit gives some Gifts of Mighty Deeds. God gives us courage to “act”. Miracles are what God does. Mighty Deeds are what we do.

May these prayers, words, decrees, and statements be loosed on Earth!

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