TMSC International® Management & Leadership: Celebrate History–Black History Month!

History Celebrations are an excellent way to improve employee relationships. TMSC International® Management & Leadership: Celebrate History--Black History

History celebrations are an outstanding way to improve management-employee communication!

TMSC International® Management & Leadership: Administration/Management Tip From…Nosology

Baselining is also used in administration and management as a way to assess the strengths of an employee or trainee. An example is if one person writes better than another or another communicates better than another, than these baseline behaviors of the employee would be used to delegate responsibilities that causes success to the department, company, organization, etc.

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TMSC International® Management & Leadership: Marketing: In Business is a Process

According to Armstrong & Kotler (2009), marketing is:

  • Creating and Capturing Customer Value

Armstrong & Kotler (2009) also identify the key elements of  a customer-driven marketing strategy. The marketplace includes:

  • Needs which create “market offering”,
  • Wants which create “market offering”, and
  • Demands.

A simple marketing process includes:

  1. Understand!
  2. Design!
  3. Construct!
  4. Build!
  5. Capture value!

If you are designing a customer-driven marketing strategy “marketing management” is important. “Marketing Management” is:

  • “The art and science of choosing target markets and building profitable relationships with them” (Armstrong & Kotler, 2009).

Remember the potential profitability of a product and its production and the projected  loyalty.


Armstrong, Gary & Kotler, Philip (2009). Marketing An Introduction, 9e. upper Saddle River, New Jersey: Pearson Prentice Hall.